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Praise for The Family Business

Byron Bales Family Business
"Tells it like it is on the mean streets of Manila, New York and Bangkok."

Stephen Leather

"May be the first detective novel written by a real P.I. and it's superb!"

Jerry Hopkins

"I liked Family Business A LOT and am pleased to hear my readers have taken the time to follow up on my recommendation."

Stickman Bangkok

"I enjoyed your first book that was available in PDF very much. Family Business. Thank you." "A terrific read!"

Bill Kizorek, Founder of Inphoto Surveillances, CEO Parrot Productions.

"Among the myriad of expat crime novels, this is a fun and hidden jewel. Although a work of fiction, the author has real-time in-the street experience in insurance fraud investigations. Police and medical corruption - Phillipine insurance resurrections - bent and stupid embassy wonks. Manilla, California, New York and Bangkok. everybody's in on the act. A must for any insurance fraud aficianado's collection."
Don Ross
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