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The Family Business is a fictitious tale based on a composite of actual cases, and featuring Mike Roth, P.I. badboy unlike any you've ever met. It's today, with settings for this hard-boiled detective thriller in Manila, Bangkok, Los Angeles, and New York.

Some Called It Paradise:

An American Saga

These are the twilight years of America's colonial experience in the Philippines; 1937-1942 leading to the outbreak of the Pacific War and its impact on the American community in Manila, the Pearl of the Orient.



Con-voy v. In P.I. jargon: a surveillance on the surveillant; tracing the tracker. Mike Roth's latest exploit finds the hard-drinking, iconoclastic P.I. stumbling across a scheme he'd rather know nothing about.



Oriental Salt brings you a sweeping panorama of Asia in the explosive 20th Century. From mythical China of the 1930's to the nightmare of World War II's Bataan Death March, of innocent young love driven to desperate measures...



In this outing, P.I. badboy Mike Roth is South of the Border investigating a kidnap-murder whose hundred year old solution harkens back to the explosive era of revolutionary icons Pancho Villa and Emiliano Zapata.

More Oriental Salt


As with the first volume of Oriental Salt, the lead off story here in More Oriental Salt, is Pittsburgh Go. As was Private Turner and his Woman in Oriental Salt, Pittsburgh Go is a novella, and continues the theme of Some Called it Paradise.



In this thriller, Roth finds himself pressed by preferential clients to conduct an emergency locate investigation of a wealthy New York heir missing under mysterious circumstance.

Tales of the Inscrutable Oriental Salt 3

It’s the Old Salt talking here. When I returned to Thailand after my trip around the States–very likely my last given my old bones–I started this and another volume of remembrances. 

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If you've never studied the skeletal system, or haven't been thumped around by a chiropractor, you probably aren't aware of how easy it is to break a person’s neck. Separate the flexible C1 from the inflexible C2 vertebrae, and there...

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