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Mike Roth P.I. Series

Family Business



The Family Business is a fictitious tale based on a composite of actual cases, and featuring Mike Roth, P.I. badboy unlike any you've ever met. It's today, with settings for this hard-boiled detective thriller in Manila, Bangkok, Los Angeles, and New York.

Femme fatale Lori MacMillan and her jealous brother scam insurers beneath an umbrella of aliases. Their grift is creating and insuring bogus personas, then staging deaths abroad, murdering hapless stand-in's for authenticity when its convenient.

Their latest, most ambitious scheme finds them in a treacherous alliance with jaded Roth, aimed at ripping-off his clients. Double and triple cross-cross maneuvers lace their volatile partnership where death becomes the only option for dissolution-as another shadowy investigation unfolds in the background.

A dark excursion into greed, lust, and murder-by the author who lives these cases-that produces the unpredictable conclusion for this slick, fast-paced novel.

Seoul on Fire



Con-voy v. In P.I. jargon: a surveillance on the surveillant; tracing the tracker.


Mike Roth's latest exploit finds the hard-drinking, iconoclastic P.I. stumbling across a scheme he'd rather know nothing about: a gambit that ups the stakes for a nuclear holocaust on the Korean Peninsula. While on assignment in China, Roth's profane lifestyle is irreverently disturbed when a secretary begs his help to locate her employer missing in Seoul.


Caught up in a benign missing persons case, an explosion at a multinational's headquarters rocks Seoul from an uneasy peace, and sends Roth in pursuit of shadowy figures around Asia and out across the Pacific, and into murky circumstances as just another unwitting equation requiring subtraction in a climbing body count...

Rise Vaquero



In this outing, P.I. badboy Mike Roth is South of the Border investigating a kidnap-murder whose hundred year old solution harkens back to the explosive era of revolutionary icons Pancho Villa and Emiliano Zapata.


This thriller, like all of Mike Roth adventures, is fiction woven around factual assignments. So, follow along as the hard-drinking, bordello-raiding social misfit unravels the workings of real-life investigative techniques designed to thwart international customs, quash privacy laws, invade the most intimate conversations, violate human rights, and stop at nothing to succeed in his usual reckless, profitable fashion.

The Valhalla Society



In this thriller, Roth finds himself pressed by preferential clients to conduct an emergency locate investigation of a wealthy New York heir missing under mysterious circumstance.​


The story begins in Brazil's Mata Grosso, and takes Roth from a web of deceit and treachery in Manhattan to the new killing grounds of Cambodia. The Valhalla Society's extracurricular activities stop at nothing short of fanatic as inner-clique lodge members wager on the outcome of mortal combat among egotistic die-hards of extreme sports and challenges, according to well-defined rules of engagement. A risk in this illegal and immoral enterprise whose venue is international are unlimited wagers amongst odds-takers, many of whom are well known personalities.


Will Roth locate and extract his subject against the adversary and Khmer Rouge renegades, as another shadowy challenger stalks him?...

The Reluctant Tycoon
Cover Reluctant Tycoon.png



If you've never studied the skeletal system, or haven't been thumped around by a chiropractor, you probably aren't aware of how easy it is to break a person’s neck. Separate the flexible C1 from the inflexible C2 vertebrae, and there you have it. Easier than Alan had imagined, despite having wrestled in high school. He wasn’t prepared for his wife’s delicate neck. Snap! Just like that. And it was done. Her system shut down in less than a heartbeat, and her head drooped like putty, her body slumping down in his folded arms where she hung like a wet towel on a laundry line. Her eyes still open. In surprise, maybe.


A strange sensation, it was. He’d hurt a few guys before: a broken bone here, cuts, lumps, and bruises there, but he’d never killed anyone. 3 He hiked her limp body up, facing the tree, held her head high, chin first, and slammed her face and chest into the pine as hard as he could. Something else broke...


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