The Valhalla Society

The Valhalla Society

In this thriller, Roth finds himself pressed by preferential clients to conduct an emergency locate investigation of a wealthy New York heir missing under mysterious circumstance.

The story begins in Brazil's Mata Grosso, and takes Roth from a web of deceit and treachery in Manhattan to the new killing grounds of Cambodia. The Valhalla Society's extracurricular activities stop at nothing short of fanatic as inner-clique lodge members wager on the outcome of mortal combat among egotistic die-hards of extreme sports and challenges, according to well-defined rules of engagement. At risk in this illegal and immoral enterprise whose venue is international are unlimited wagers amongst odds-takers, many of whom are well known personalities.

Will Roth locate and extract his subject against the adversary and Khmer Rouge renegades, as another shadowy challenger stalks him?...

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