The Family Business


The Family Business is a fictitious tale based on a composite of actual cases, and featuring Mike Roth, P.I. badboy unlike any you've ever met. It's today, with settings for this hard-boiled detective thriller in Manila, Bangkok, Los Angeles, and New York.

Femme fatale Lori MacMillan and her jealous brother scam insurers beneath an umbrella of aliases. Their grift is creating and insuring bogus personas, then staging deaths abroad, murdering hapless stand-in's for authenticity when its convenient.

Their latest, most ambitious scheme finds them in a treacherous alliance with jaded Roth, aimed at ripping-off his clients. Double and triple cross-cross maneuvers lace their volatile partnership where death becomes the only option for dissolution-as another shadowy investigation unfolds in the background.

A dark excursion into greed, lust, and murder-by the author who lives these cases-that produces the unpredictable conclusion for this slick, fast-paced novel.

Praise for The Family Business

"Tells it like it is on the mean streets of Manila, New York and Bangkok."

Stephen Leather

"May be the first detective novel written by a real P.I. and it's superb!"

Jerry Hopkins

"I liked Family Business A LOT and am pleased to hear my readers have taken the time to follow up on my recommendation."

Stickman Bangkok

"Among the myriad of expat crime novels, this is a fun and hidden jewel. Although a work of fiction, the author has real-time in-the street experience in insurance fraud investigations. Police and medical corruption - Phillipine insurance resurrections - bent and stupid embassy wonks. Manilla, California, New York and Bangkok. everybody's in on the act. A must for any insurance fraud aficianado's collection."

Don Ross

"I enjoyed your first book that was available in PDF very much. Family Business. Thank you." "A terrific read!"

Bill Kizorek, Founder of Inphoto Surveillances, CEO Parrot Productions.

Synopsis (Taken from Rear cover of Printed Version)

An American ex-serviceman vanishes in Manila's sleazy after-hours scene, and a foreign businessman turns up dead at the same time. Apparently both were customers at the same honky-tonk dive. One is a lovesick loser, but the other is insured for 1.5 million dollars--which he aims to collect on his own body.

Enter femme fatale Lori MacMilan, who plays the grieving widow to perfection, smoothing the way to big pay-days, snaring those unfortunate enough to fall under her spell, including Peter, her jealous partner-in-crime, and a hapless American consul--a lonely, star-crossed bureaucrat just fool enough to unwittingly expedite her ambitious scheme.

As Lori and Peter leave a trail of dupes and bodies from Manila to LA to New York, they must reluctantly enter into a dangerous and unplanned alliance. Thier new and volatile partnership is laced with double and triple-crosses, where death is the only option of dissolution. Meanwhile, a shadowy investigation is unfolding in the background...

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